[Premed/Prehealth] Now accepting applications for 2023...
"Who Else Wants to Shadow Doctors & Learn Spanish in Latin America?"
WANTED:  Adventurous premed / prehealth students willing to get your hands dirty and leave the comforts of home behind for medical shadowing and Spanish immersion abroad.
Students get briefed for their shadowing placements
"Did You Know the USA Has More Spanish Speakers than Spain?"
(Only Mexico has more.)
The language gap crisis in American healthcare is not going away.
Will you choose to be part of the solution?
The program is for premed/prehealth students who:
  • Will have completed at least one year of college studies before the start date
  • Have a genuine desire to treat your future Spanish-speaking patients in their own language, safely and with empathy
  • Are able to spend time far from home and away from your friends and family
  • ​Can adapt to new groups of people and unfamiliar cultural situations
Program at a Glance...
Spanish & Medicine Study Abroad is carefully designed to help future healthcare professionals succeed in America's demographic realities.
Through language training, medical shadowing, and group activities, we prepare you to treat your future Spanish-speaking patients safely in their own language and with cultural empathy.
Here's what you will get:
  • Massive Spanish Gains  Micro-group classes plus a "360 degrees of Spanish" environment get you fluent quickly (even without additional studying)
  • College Credit  Earn a transcript for up to three semester courses to apply toward your current degree or to save for graduate school
  • Medical Shadowing Experience  Clinical exposure in real South American clinics and hospitals to help you pick up field-specific language plus develop Latin cultural empathy
  • Multi-Country Adventure  The six-week program spans two countries for cultural variety and so you can build a "flexible ear" for adapting to different accents
Spanish classes, cultural activities, and medical shadowing
Medical Shadowing
The medical shadowing rotations are designed to give you exposure to real-world Spanish in healthcare situations AND to help develop your empathy for Latino cultures:
  • AAMC-Compliant All shadowing meets standards established by the AAMC.  Students observe interactions with patients but are not permitted to touch patients.
  • One or Several Disciplines  You have the opportunity to stick to one healthcare specialty or sample different areas.  Students work with a Spanish & Medicine advisor to customize schedules.
  • Real-World Spanish  Actual conversations with actual patients let you absorb the language in a "not watered down" scenario so you get comfortable out of the classroom
  • Make Do With Less  The clinics are often short on resources so you will see how they provide excellent care despite lacking what many American hospitals consider essential 
  • Personal Statement Material  Be sure to keep a journal so you can recall your experience in South American clinics for your essays on job and graduate applications.
Shadowing healthcare professionals in South America
Spanish Immersion 
Most students find the Spanish immersion experience very different (and more effective) than prior classes in high school or college:
  • Extra Small Classes A maximum of 7 students gives you an optimal learning environment - large enough to keep things interesting, but small enough for individual attention
  • Easy to Participate  The comfortable setting (like going to a cafe with friends) facilitates conversation, even for students that don't usually raise their hands
  • Extra Online Lessons  Your program includes follow-up online lessons to work on any individual needs and to ensure your language skills stay sharp
  • No Juggling of Classes  Your only academic class will be Spanish, so your mind will not need to waste energy switching topics several times each day
  • 360 Degrees of Spanish  The "Spanish everywhere" environment keeps you motivated since you get to try out your new language skills the very same day you learn them
  • College Credit  Get college transcript for up to three Spanish courses.
Unlike most high school and college classes, our small groups finally give you the practice you need to get fluent.

The 9-week session includes 3 weeks in each country.
(Travel between locations is included.)


Quito, built on top of ancient Incan ruins, was the first city to be recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 


Widely considered the most developed country in Latin America, Chile has easily accessible mountains and coast.


Cusco, center of the ancient Incan empire, is the gateway to Machu Picchu, one the world's great wonders. 
"What can you tell us about Spanish & Medicine experience?"
Individual Stories 
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"Go out and meet the people from the city. Meet locals...that's how you practice your Spanish."
"I was a little nervous because I had never left Texas before, but I'm really happy I decided to do this." 
"I don't have similar opportunities in the States, but here I've watched surgeries and shadowed doctors."
"I was so nervous.  It was my first time out of the country,..when I got here everyone was so supportive."
"I have never met, here or elsewhere, so many amazing people. I wish I could take you all back to Mississippi with me." 
"People are absolutely professional... the staff and teachers treated us perfectly, taught us well."
"I want to learn Spanish to be able to help more people in the United States, where a lot of people speak Spanish."
"I learned lots of medical terminology and in the future will be able to speak with my patients in Spanish." 
"I talked to a bunch of doctors and nurses and the medical shadowing was really helpful."
"The [Spanish] classes are awesome, but my favorite part of the program has been shadowing doctors here."
"I'm a global health student and want to learn Spanish for my career. So far I've met many patients in the clinic for diabetes."
"I've seen how different it is from the United States and I realized how lucky we are to have what we do."
"When I'm here I learn a lot of Spanish...many new words...and things about the culture of Latin America.."
"One of the best things is I've become friends with the staff and they've been very supportive the entire time." 
"I highly recommend the trip. I've had a great time seeing what the healthcare system is like."
"As a premed student, this program was really unique in that it offered Spanish classes and shadowing opportunities."
"It's very the United States a lot of patients have an easier time speaking Spanish than English." 
"I've had an amazing time here and I'd do it again one hundred percent. It's been fantastic."
"I had no idea what to expect and was nervous, but the people were so welcoming and so nice."
"I thought it was going to be so bad, but it ended up being one of the best experiences of my life." 
"I have taken lots of Spanish before, and I am here to improve my hearing and speaking."
"I came here with essentially no Spanish, and I'm leaving a lot more confident in my language skills."
"It really helped me understand how medicine works in countries other than the United States." 
"It's been an amazing experience to be here and learn Spanish and make such great friends."
"I got to see some surgeries and consultations with Dr. Safron who was very helpful."
"I was pleasantly surprised to find such a warm community. I've made some lifelong friends." 
"There are tons of opportunities for shadowing nurses and doctors in different fields."
"I saw a lot off really cool things like surgeries with a gastroenterologist. I wish I could stay longer."
"It really opened my eyes to the possibilities of becoming a Spanish-speaking doctor." 
"I came to Chile not knowing anything about the country, but I've had a phenomenal time here."
Dates & Tuition


9 Week Program Includes:
3 Countries (3 weeks in each)
3 Spanish Courses
Healthcare Shadowing
Volunteer Opportunity
Travel from Ecuador to Peru to Chile
Tuition: $11,900
Accommodations and travel to/from South America are not included.
Financial assistance from the Shadow Abroad scholarship fund is available.

Each session is limited to 25 total students.

Upcoming Start Dates:

If you would like to join one of our premed/prehealth groups, we have several start dates each year.
Check availability below.



Get in touch with a program advisor:  Email us at hola(AT)
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